HISTORY: In November 2003 a brain storming session took place following the meeting of an ex Tabler from Sweden and another from Denmark who then decided to advertise to see if they could find any interest in forming a 41 Club in Nerja, Costa del Sol, Andalucia. This was followed by the first meeting of potential members on 22 January 2004. Seven meetings were held before the Club was chartered on 28 October 2004. In April 2004 one of our most important moves was made and we acquired the domain www.41clubnerja.org and the homepage was established. This has proved to be the most useful tool for information, booking into meetings and other events events as well as advertising the Club. MEMBERSHIP PROFILE: We had ten founder members of whom only three remain. The club has fourty to fivty members with very few being resident in Spain whereas in the early days of the club a much higher percentage of members were resident and only absent to return to their home countries for relatively short periods of time. As many of our founder members had tabled in different countries as well as Great Britain and Ireland an early decision was made to try to keep the Club as International as possible. We now have members from twelve different countries namely Spain, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway as well as England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We also decided to make our ladies an important part of our club scene. In our third year it was decided that our Club would meet twice per month. The first Thursday of the month sees members and their ladies enjoying a Menu del Dia usually at lunch time which is known as 'The Munch Bunch'! This event is kept as inexpensive as possible to accommodate and keep everyone happy. It is very successful and ensures that the ladies get to know each other. In October 2016 we celebrated our 100th Munch Bunch and maximised our press coverage to promote our Club. The third Thursday is when the normal 41 Club meeting takes place and also when the ladies who wish join us at the bar at the start of the evening and then have a meal at a restaurant of their choice. This can provide a handy lift home for many of us but the ladies definitely enjoy their evening too!!! We decided to extend membership to Non Ex Tablers about four years ago with a limit of 10% of the membership. Two like minded gentlemen joined us in the first year and continue to support us with great enthusiasm and both are attending the Cluster of Spanish and Portugese Clubs again this year. As our membership is now forty five, two more Non Ex Tablers have joined us recently having satisfied our admission rules . Our membership profile has changed greatly in the last five years with only few of the members being resident hence many of our members are now only in Spain for two to six months per year and so we are becoming more of a drop in Club. ADVERTISING: This works very well as we continually advertise emphasizing that short/part time members are most welcome. We are advertising in magasines and papers read by our international members. Naturally, we make sure that we have regular articles in the press with photographs to cover events. Our advertising, be it the paid for advertisements or the free press coverage, is our main source of finding new members. CLUB WEB SITE: www.41clubnerja.org Please look at our website which covers - HOMEPAGE - CALENDAR - VENUE - MEMBERS PHOTOGRAPHS - CLUB EVENT PHOTO ARCHIVE - CONTACT - LINKS - PRIVATE MEMBERS SECTION In the Private Members Section we have - DIRECTORY - MINUTES - BOOKING IN FOR 41 MEETINGS + LIST OF THOSE BOOKED IN - BOOKING IN FOR MUNCH BUNCH+ LIST OF THOSE BOOKED IN SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Handover Night, BBQ, boat trips, joint meetings with Costa del Sol 41 Club, Chairman's Drinks event, bowls and boules, Cluster and any other excitement our Chairman throws at us. Our events calendar is our first line of attracting new members. We have forty five members with an average of eighteen to twenty an attendance at any one time throughout the year. We do not have Club meetings in August or December as numbers are too low but a Munch Bunch usually takes place even if only for a few people! Some of our 41 Club meetings are with the ladies if we feel that we can entertain them in a suitable manner. We have a Membership Officer who looks after new members and keeps an eye on members and their wives who maybe unwell and any who may have missed some meetings. Our website is also important means of keeping in touch as photographs of every event are added to the site so that members can check on activities anytime. CLUSTER: Cluster which is the annual gathering of the 41 Clubs in Spain, Portugal and Majorca has become a large part of our activities. Alfie Fornear