Welcome to the 41 Club Nerja Our International Drop in 41 Club welcomes Ex Round Tablers from around the world. 'Drop in' as few members are resident in Spain and make few meeting but are most welcome, and 'International' because we have members from 9 different countries. We meet twice per month. First Thursday of the month is our Munch Bunch Lunch with our ladies or as single members around various restaurants. The third Thursday is our 'Normal Evening Meeting' sometimes with our ladies or men only when the ladies may decide to go out for a meal. Additional events are SAUNA Nights in the winter and the occasional WEEKENDER to meet at the weekend. We now replicate our Christmas event in Spain with one in England for those not in Spain at the time. ALL FORMER ROUND TABLERS ARE WELCOME.
41 Club Nerja is a true international team - with 9 nationalities Watch our welcoming video
Munch Bunch 4 June *** Club Meeting 18 June These meetings are going to be held as video conference arrangements For more information about the program see “What’s on”.
(Last updated 23 May 2020)