Munch Bunch Info
Munch Bunch Thursday 7th September. Initially a visit to the newly created exhibition centre in Alcaucin gives a really a fascinating insight to the history of the Castillo which is visible driving up to Alcaucin and its heritage. The discovery of Neanderthal remains in caves up near the Zaffaraya brings an intent of Alcaucin to add its particular offerings to the cultural tourism and attract visitors. The cine film is really informative and projects vivid landscapes and images. The  exhibits and diorama have descriptions in both Spanish and English. Afterwards we can make  our way up the road towards the Natural Park and eat in the Casa Arts. A Belgian run B & B with a difference. They can take 20 - 25 for a buffet of fine food  out along the outdoor terrace. The range of home breads and Belgian and Spanish style food, both vegetarian and meat products.  A 3 course meal at €15 a head, with water. Wine, spirits and beer, including Belgian beers can be purchased if preferred. There may even be some appropriate live  music to enhance the ambiance.  Looking out across the arid landscape towards the pass there's a lot "space" to be able to leave the hurly burly of the coast behind. They hold yoga and other art classes and host groups to stay and then explore the area. For more information you can look up their website. There is good accessibility but It is easier to park if there are many cars about 50 metres away and walk along the dirt road, take in the views and escape to a mind calming sanctuary. The food is good. Best Wishes  Ian